Sorry everybody for a late blog again I’m so tired all the time so we went to Doncasters Breeders Expo and bought no pets….they didn’t have anything my boyfriend wanted. Saw a lot of leopard geckos 🦎 and tbh some of them looked so cute and pretty. But my boyfriend gave me a choice when we move in together either pet hedgehog or gecko but that be a while yet. 
Eventually my boyfriend did get an Indian star tortoise and he called her dawn. I thought dandelion was a good name for her as that’s her favourite food at the moment. But I chose stubbys name and she’s not mine…

I’m working so much at the moment it’s stressing but I booked myself in to have my hair dyed next Tuesday so looking forward to that going to try and go to this colour.

My hair is currently this colour: so shouldn’t be difficult hopefully. 

I’ll try to remember to upload a photo when it’s been dyed I can’t wait it’s been over a year since I’ve been to a hair dressers to get my hair done.

I’m feeling positive about my life pretty recently, got London zoo a holiday to look forward to, distant worlds and hopefully moving in with my boyfriend where we can have a little family.

Thank you for reading my blog please give me a follow and a like if you want to. 😊

I’m thinking of starting to do reviews to make myself active but not sure to post on here or make another blog for that. 

Also I cba vlogging I tried it but can’t pay attention to where I’m going..


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