I’ve decided what I’m going to do for my birthday this year I’m going to Italy 🙂 been looking on lastminute and my boyfriend has basically a week off work. Kind of pissed me off because he booked the wrong dates mixing up his sons birthday with mine. Which he remembers my birthday off wouldn’t mind but I remember his birthday. 

There’s a lovely hotel in the gothic district in Barcelona but I have my heart set on trying the coffee and ice cream in Italy. Which will be expensive but we’ll only be spending two full days there. 


I dunno what to write I’ve had an upsetting couple of days at work but everything seems okay now. Some disagreement but yknow just going to keep my head down. I’m currently on my break.

​I completed Pokémon sun last night and was gutted now every battle I have Pokémon are level 60+ and restarted my animal crossing. I’ve got one night off after Sunday night and then back in Tuesday Wednesday Thursday ugh.

Anyway I’m gonna go and look on eBay for remainder of my break :p 


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