Yesterday I just went to town shopping mostly just just for acetone so I can have my nails done on Friday. So I rang up laser hair surgery and they said it would be fine to buy the voucher for Hollywood and underarms it was £69 but with the code NEW15 I got it for £59 which was what they were trying to charge for the extra place for hollywood. So instead of Hollywood and half leg I can now have full legs, Hollywood and underarms. For the same price they were trying to charge. So I’m happy with that 😸 

I’m so unwell 🤒 I’m hoping it’s gone by the weekend. Nothing much this week but back in work tonight 😦 now listening to my dad complaining about stuff. Funnn what I want to listen to when I’m ill. 

I’m so run down aswell. But not much today. Looking forward to seeing my boyfriend and getting my nails done. But that’s all for today I’m tempted to phone in sick but they’re desperate and no other staff that can go hospital is in. 

Anyway will probably update this again on Friday as of no signal at work.



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