Received my missguided package today tried everything on and they’re fine but picked what I thought was a empty packet but receipts and a little can of orange lucozade fell out. Some contest or something. ∑(゚Д゚)

Discovered the most chocolatyhot chocolate  ever it’s so good I had one in Costa but it tasted watery. And was expensive but from Lindt you get 5 sachets for £2.99 and I’m not hyping but they taste so nice I made mine a little too thick first try though because the bottom of the pan there was just melted chocolate.

( ^ω^ )

I’ve been trying to decide what to do for my birthday this year I went sea life last year but I was kinda disappointed with I wouldn’t mind a weekend away somewhere maybe Italy or something but whenever I go on groupon it’s never the dates I want or it adds an extra £300/£400 to the cheap price.

Going to ring up laser hair removal on Tuesday I was going to do it sooner but I hate having to explain things on the phone. 

So as I was explaining before I’ve been very busy last week I had work 5 nights in a row and each is 12 hours. Hospital shift is 6 hour no break or signal so that’s why I’ve been lacking on posting daily and posting when I can and sentences still makes sense. (Ignore lack of punctuation) I’m so ran down at the moment I’ve got a split lip and cracks in corner of my mouth I have ulcers, a cold, sore throat, cough and blocked nose. So think I’ll take a hiatus from posting until Friday…

Was talking to one of the nurses about my boyfriend and she asked if I’m jealous of her was like “no I can go out and she’s not an attractive person, who wants a girl who’s vile personality” she agreed then looked her up on Facebook and said yeah she’s not good looking.


Right I’m off to bed now I’m so tired. I’ve been playing Pokémon sun so much and now have acid reflux great. 

Also tattoo is mostly heeled now just few scabs I noticed that my oldest tattoo is quite faded now anybody recommend something to lift the black?

Night! Will update Friday lovelies 



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