Delays, delays, delays is how I discribe my day.

I finished work got packed etc and booked taxi early and when I got to the station I could of got an earlier train so I thought I’d chill out have a coffee and my cheesecake. So I waited went over to the other platform realised I left my coffee in the cafe on the other platform and I had 4 minutes to do this according to the board. So I rushed over and back casually splashing coffee all over myself. Then got back and it’d been delayed by 6 minutes. Got to stoke and that train had been delayed due to somebody jumping in front of the train I nearly got (Glad I didn’t that’d be a horrible experience.)  So I got to Birmingham and missed the train to Bournville where I was getting my tattoo.. luckily there was one 10 minutes later. And then I couldn’t get a seat my entire journey from where I live to here so my phone was dying the toilets were all out of use and I was desperate for it. Then when I got on the train to bournville I had to switch my phone off to save the battery for directions. And luckily on 4% battery I got them. Everything was fine after that but what a morning. I’m really happy with it I’m just waiting on her to upload a photo of it. Here’s a teaser! 

Really happy with it and she was great with me asking if I was ok and everybody was friendly. 

Got to get the train back and she joined me and guess what the train was delayed again and I had to rush for certain train otherwise I’m waiting 40 minutes for the next one and I’m cold and tired. So I managed that and yet again I’m sat on the floor.

But I’m so pleased with Marie she’s so cute! I’ll upload a colour version tonight or tomorrow 


Hope everybody has had a good day I’m exhausted but I’m glad I did something instead of just saying I will then don’t.

P.s I also have a fucking eye infection. Everything blurred and it hurts fml.


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