Went to skin image today for my first laser treatments for half leg and Hollywood. All was fine until I had to make a new appointment and got told that Hollywood was equilivant of two areas and that I’d be charged £59 but after receiving the laser. Wasn’t very happy Brazilian is one area but Hollywood is two when on the website for £69 you could have both Hollywood and underarms so im a little confused why I’m getting charged that much more for a little area. The manager wasn’t in for some reason. I bought my distant worlds ticket as well today and that was a shock because when I was checking out it came up at £88 pp. Then when I checked the receipt it was £17 delivery and £49 Vat. So all in all it cost £260 for both me and my boyfriend. 


So money wise today I’m not happy and I’m going for my tattoo on Friday but already bought my train tickets so atleast that’s all paid for. And I have 6 weeks to pay off that £59 I owe for the laser treatment. I’m happy I bought the distant worlds tickets and I’m sure if I couldn’t go I could sell them. I’ve just not had a very good day. 
Now I’m at the hospital for work it’s 22:30 and I’m already bored and the place where I am has no service so this won’t be posted until I go back to where I work until I finish. I’m honestly so tired and fed up bc of today and it’s driving me mad lol. 

I emailed laser shop and awaiting their reply because Hollywood online is £68 with underarms and with two payments £59 for two areas it’ll be £108 so I’m getting over charged.. 



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