This is a past post to my birthday basically I thought I made a post on blogger but apparently I didn’t 😦


So for my birthday on 15.09.16 my boyfriend bought me this adorable handbag that I wanted from Debenhams. It’s a posh French floozie handbag.

My mum spoilt me with a large salted caramel Yankee candle. A salted caramel selector from hotel chocolat. I know it’s bad but that’s pretty much all remember as well as some Japanese cherry blossom sake. 🌸 


So after opening presents we went to a bistro that we love and then went Birmingham for the day including the sea life centre. It didn’t seem as big as last time I went with my cousin. We did some shopping and I spent my birthday money on a sparkly cocktail in selfridges and some lush bath bombs. I enjoyed it 🙂 my boyfriend made it perfect. Oh and on a seel mug.

The day after still kind of celebrating my birthday we had muffin shakes and drank. 

Was the best birthday I’ve had in a long time. Last couple of years before had been shit I had birthday money and didn’t spend even 25% of it on myself.
I regret it so much. But last years birthday was beautiful and I’m thankful towards my family and amazing boyfriend.

Sorry for posting random but I really wanted a keepsake on my blog.


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