Last night I woke up vomiting not a good start today. Then walked around stockport with my boyfriend. Bought some things from boots and bought some NYX makeup. Pain in my tooth has returned so meaning I might have to go dentist and get some more antibiotics 😭. Also it rained all day so that was depressing.

We had some coffee at costa to chill out which was nice I had a caramel cortado. 

Then when walking my boyfriend to the station for him to go home I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. Was so upset but everything was working but it wasn’t charging. I broke my charger with trying to use it. Then later on my mum and boyfriend suggested I put it in rice for a couple of hours and it actually worked and seems okay so ordered a waterproof case and a temp charger. Hopefully it stays okay. 

Seeing my boyfriend again next Friday as well as getting my tattoo done on the way there in Birmingham. 🙂


Note: thank you for liking and following my blog! I’m trying to update everyday either with a review or what I did during the day but I have work quite a bit in the next week so might be a delay. 


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