So today is sleeping day (after I finish work though) I’m currently on my break at work. All my packing is done and I’m pondering cosplays for Manchester MCM in July but can’t decide I’m struck with three different ones that I think I’d look pretty adorable in 😍😘

  • Hatsune Miku- Cherry blossom outfit
  • Attack on Titan- Historia
  • Love, Live!- Tojo Nozomi

But I’m stuck I tried to stay away from Miku because of my boyfriends ex but personally she did classic outfit and he’s over her. Plus it’s so cute! Historia’s outfit may turn out a little more pricey but I love her. So really it’s between Miku and Tojo unless somebody can help me put together Krista on a budget.

Anyway my break is over and I want another coffee and I’m going to watch murder documentaries. ☕️💖

I just weighed myself and have put on 4kg so I’m not happy. 😭😭
So woke up ready for night shift at 20:00 and I’m honestly so tired and I don’t know why. I keep online shopping but can’t spend any money because of my holiday Wednesday to Friday. Also I’ve been wrote in the work rota for the rest of this month and April. So I am happy with that after freaking out about not getting any shifts after March but I need to start saving seriously I’ve got like fuck all in my savers.


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