I was going to start blogging again but noticed google (blogger) doesn’t have an app and I don’t have my laptop at the moment so I’m going to use this daily. Mostly boring stuff but oh well I enjoy writing! 


So yesterday (12.03.17) was mine and my boyfriends one year anniversary. We got each other gifts for the occasion but couldn’t be with each other which sucks 😦 he got me some lovely flowers ❤ I got him an ace card and a photo book that I ducked up… 😭😭

 but seeing him on Wednesday and going for my laser hair removal first session. Not a lot is happening at the moment as we’ve both got work. But the heart grows fonder. 

We’ve booked our accommodation for going to Doncaster Reptile Breeders Meeting which I’m looking forward to…. apart from the spiders, fuck spiders! Just waiting for the A-OK that he has the Monday off for it but will find out today, fingers cross! 

One of my old best friends invited me to come visit her in Portsmouth but it’s £78 a ticket and I can’t afford that and where I work I’m not guaranteed the hours so I’m a little sad about that to be honest. 

I’m so tired right now it’s nearly 6am but I can’t sleep…. I’m back in work tonight too.  So I better try to sleep…. also might do some baking at some point I like doing that.

Thinking of going Manchester anime con but scared that my ex will be a jerk towards me if he ends up going, don’t get me wrong he’s nasty 😷 I had to go on people’s pages on AL that I don’t like aswell to block them so bet they think I’m stalking them or something but I have better things to do! Anyway I’m going to try and sleep before I start feeling sick! Will try to update this daily but work is confidental so if nothing interesting happens I’ll probably just upload a photo. ​

Enjoy the video of an otter playing with a pebble from my birthday 🎉 


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